Slide Model Nou ZINO MINI PRO Prima dronă din lume cu
evitarea obstacolelor sub 250g
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Slide Model Nou ZINO MINI PRO Prima dronă din lume cu
evitarea obstacolelor sub 250g
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Slide Model Nou ZINO MINI PRO Prima dronă din lume cu
evitarea obstacolelor sub 250g
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Slide Model Nou ZINO MINI PRO Prima dronă din lume cu
evitarea obstacolelor sub 250g
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Prezentare specificatii ZINO MINI PRO – video


1/1.3 COMS 48M

1080 FPS

1080P 30fps Video Transmission


Weight 249g


Max flight time 40 minutes


10 km range


3 direction obstacle avoidance

Night Mode

A deep algorithm of image
denoising optimizes your low-light shots

Imaging Quality


With a 1/1.3 inch CMOS sensor support smooth 4k/30fps video H.265/HEVC 200Mbps and 48M photos, build-in eMMC(64G/128G) enable you to share your video to media easily

Descriere Zino Mini Pro



Capture higher dynamic range and colors optimizing your low-light shots

Three direction obstacle avoidance

The world’s first drone with vision obstacle avoidance under 250g
with advance 3D space perceptions algorithms enable the camera
to capture more then 600k space feature points with depth
extraction and calculation reaching 15 meters of cognitive distance.

Optical-flow night light

Optical-flow night light ensures your hovering performance in low-light circumstances

AI tracking Mode

ZINO MINI PRO applying our newest AI tracking algorithms (ATVT 3.0) with a huge improvement in tracking latency and tracking accuracy can locate the figure and animals or moving vehicles easily ad automatically

Intelligent Batteries

Buit-in intelligent battery management unit with capacity accuracy statistical and on-off control algorithms ensures your flight is safe.

Flight Time

Max Flight Time 40 mins
(measured while flying at 6 m/s in windless conditions)
Max Flight Time 37 mins hovering time in windless enviroment

Video Transmission

10KM 1080P/30fps 20Mbps


Hubsan Syncleas.3.0
1080P/30fps 20Mbps 10 KM


6X hybrid zoom

Portable & Legal

With only 249g no resgistration required

Build-in eMMC(64G/128G)

Build-in eMMC(64G/128G) enable you to share your video to media easily

AircraftZino Mini Pro
Size Expand: 202.54*161.2*61.6 mm

Folding: 137*88*61.6mm

Folding (including blades): 137*94*61.6mm

Diagonal Wheelbase 220mml
Maximum current16A
Take off weight249 grams (Europe, America, China) 

200 grams (Japan)

Hover AccuracyVertical: ± 0.1m (when the visual positioning is working normally)

              ± 0.5m (when GPS is working normally)

Level: ± 0.3m (when the visual positioning is working normally)

          ± 1.5m (when GPS is working normally)

Maximum ascending velocity3 m/s (N) 4 m/s (S) 2 m/s (F)
Maximum descending velocity3 m/s (N) 3.5 m/s (S) 1.5 m/s (F)
Maximum horizontal flight speed10m/s (N, No wind at sea level)

16m/s (S, No wind at sea level)

Maximum take-off altitude4000 meters
Maximum anti-wind capabilityGrade 5 wind (8.5~10.5m/s)
Maximum tilt angle:40° 25° (N) 15° (F)
Satellite navigation systemGPS/GLONASS
Duration of flight40 Minutes (Measured under normal temperature and no wind conditions, at a flight speed of 25km/h)
MotorOutward Rotation Brushless Motor

1503, KV2820

ESCDigital ESC Brushless 20A x 4
Battery2400 mAh Lithium-ion battery (LiPo)
Nominal voltage3.6×2=7.2V
Charging voltage limitation8.4V
Discharge limitation8C
Charging time90 minutes
Battery Weight101.84g
Working temperature0°C~ 50°C
Charging environment temperature0°C~ 40°C
Smart battery balanceSupport
Voltameter managementSupport
Automatic discharge protectionSupport
CMOS image sensor1/1.3 inch CMOS sensor

2.4um mixed large pixel

48 million effective pixels

Lens specification FOV 84°

Aperture f/1.85

EFL: 6.8mm

Focus point 0.5m to infinity

Distortion: <1.5%

Maximum photo size8000 x 6000
Maximum video encoding capacity4K: 3840 x 2160 @ 30fps

2.7K: 2720 x 1530 @ 30/60fps

FHD: 1920 x 1080 @ 30/60fps

Shutter speed3-1/8000s
Video bitrate100Mbps-200Mbps
Photo formatJPEG
Video formatMP4 (H.265/HEVC)
Firmware upgradeAPP online upgrade
Support memory type cardbuilt-in eMMC 64G/128G
Wireless Transmission System 


Max Operating DistanceFCC: 10km

CM: 6KM; SRRC: 6km

Average bitrate200Mbps
Transmission delayWithin 200ms
Gimbal modelHY817D
Number of Axes 3 (Pitch, Roll, Yaw)
Angular Speed120°/s
Control Range: Pitch-120° to 45°

Roll: ± 35°

Yaw: ± 35°

Flight Controller
FC VersionSelf-developed Third-generation Flight Controller
Basic Flight ModeSports Mode / Normal Mode / Movie Mode
Altitude Hold ModeTof, Barometer
Fixed-pointVisual Optical Flow, GPS
Unlock/LockOuter “Eight” Unlock/Lock
One Key Take-off/LandingAPP Supported,Remote Control Unsupported
Headless ModeSupport
Out of Control ProtectionSupport
Low Battery ReturnSupport
Home Visual Recognition

(search for drone apron)

Visual TrackingThird-generation Tracking Technology (ATVT 3.0)
Waypoint FlightSupport
Flying AroundSupport
Ray FlightSupport
Time-lapse PhotographyTBD
Motor Stall ProtectionSupport
Firmware UpgradeAPP Online Upgrade
ForwardBinocular Visual Perception,Precision Measurement Distance <12M

Fluctuate <0.5M, Perception Distance >15M

BackwardBinocular Visual Perception,Precision Measurement Distance <12M

Fluctuate <0.5M, Perception Distance >15M

DownwardMonocular Optical Flow, Tof Ranging

Effective Ranging Range 0.3-5M,Fluctuate <0.1M

Remote Controller
DisplayLED display
Working temperature-10° to -60°C
Effective RangeFCC: 10km

CM: 6KM; SRRC: 6km

Built-In Battery3350 mAh Li-Po
Supportable mobile system Android, iOS
Continuous working time 2.5h (Normal Flight Time)
ConnectivityLightning,Micro-USB, USB-USB Type-C
Mobile device requirements

IOS 10.0 or higher

Android 6.0 or higher

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